Greencastle Cabinetry

Heads up! Effective June 3rd, 2020, we are reducing 10% on our current price lists for all our cabinet collections, both Frameless and Face Frame Cabinets. The new reduced price will reflect on all quotes, sales orders and invoices created today.

Finding ways to reduce our price has been our main goal ever since the tariff war started. We’ve put a lot of effort in finding new resources to get our prices back to the way they were. We wanted to do this as soon as possible to help all our loyal customers who continued to support us during this hard time. On top of the reduced price, your account will still get the normal discounts. Cool huh?

Colors included in the Price Rollback are Ice White Shaker, Classic White Shaker, Antique White, Cambridge White, Ashton Gray, Driftwood Gray, Beech Espresso, Fresno Gray, Anaheim Gray, Modern Gray, and Cinnamon Shaker. All the Italian, German and entry level colors in the Frameless cabinets are also included in the Price Rollback.

Aside from the 10% price rollback, we are bringing new colors and styles to our collections so more good things about to come. For now, we would like to say goodbye to Smoky Brown, Coffee Glaze and Sunset Birch to give way for the new ones.

Ask your sales rep now to adjust the price of the quotes and sales orders created prior today.